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The Aagard Group, LLC

Designs, manufactures, and implements automated machinery. Located in Alexandria, Minnesota, United States.Read more about The Aagard Group, LLC
Acier Equipment

India. Specializes in manufacture of special purpose equipment. Examples include projects for rolling mills, metal fabrication companies, and heat treatment plants.Read more about Acier Equipment
Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Designers and builders of custom automated machinery for industry.Read more about Advanced Manufacturing Systems
Ansti Test Systems

Designer, manufacturer and supplier of a range of turnkey systems for testing the performance of all types of respiratory equipmentRead more about Ansti Test Systems
Automated Systems of Tacoma, Inc.

Engineering company with focus on design of custom production equipment for wide range of industries. Site includes overview of capabilities and examples of completed projects.Read more about Automated Systems of Tacoma, Inc.
Automatizacion y Diseño Industrial, S.L.

Provides custom bakery and pastry making, machinery for the food industry.Read more about Automatizacion y Diseño Industrial, S.L.
Bespoke Machines Ltd

A manufacturer of special purpose machines to specification.Read more about Bespoke Machines Ltd
BL Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Limited

Specialists in Air Conditioning and RefrigerationRead more about BL Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Limited
Bradman Lake Group

Manufacture of automated packaging machinery, specializing in cartoning machines.Read more about Bradman Lake Group

Manufactures injection moulding machines, mostly for the shoe industry.Read more about Bremast
Brooklyn Severe-Duty Equipment Corp.

Manufacture severe-duty air conditioners, air compressors and water coolers for the worlds most difficult environments.Read more about Brooklyn Severe-Duty Equipment Corp.
Classic Manufacturing Inc.

Full-service machining, special machine builder, system integrator with machine vision and robotics capabilities.Read more about Classic Manufacturing Inc.
Coco Engineering Inc.

Full service engineering company specializing in design and supply of customized machines and automated equipment for a broad range of industries. Site includes example of recently developed cross hole drilling machine.Read more about Coco Engineering Inc.
Dalbir Engineers

India. Manufactures broad range of special purpose machinery for chemical, glass, paper, paint, and steel industries. Site provides details of sample equipment and applications.Read more about Dalbir Engineers
DCM Tech Inc

Design and build a line of industrial rotary grinders and automotive engine rebuilding equipment.Read more about DCM Tech Inc
Designers Edge Inc.

Designs and builds custom automated machinery for any application.Read more about Designers Edge Inc.
Dicam Microwaves

Microwave applications for drying and disinfection processes.Read more about Dicam Microwaves
Dimension Machine Engineering L.L.C.

Specializes in custom designed and built equipment, with some emphasis on machining operations. Site provides detailed explanation of process from inital consultation to agreed upon concept to final installation.Read more about Dimension Machine Engineering L.L.C.
Double T Equipment Manufacturing Ltd.

Canada. Specializes in design and supply of customized equipment. Project examples include mushroom growing, compost and fertilizer processing, bulk material handling, and furniture manufacturing.Read more about Double T Equipment Manufacturing Ltd.
Dramco Machine Technologies

From simple fixtures to multi-axis, remotely operated manipulators to high-cycle, labor-saving, production systems. Serving automotive, pharmaceutical, consumer electronics, government, and apparel businesses. Recognized industry specialists in staking, assembly cells and edge wrapping systems.Read more about Dramco Machine Technologies
Dynamic Design Solutions, Inc.

Custom machinery builder including multi-axis, pick & place and conveyor systems.Read more about Dynamic Design Solutions, Inc.
Eagle Manufacturing Corp.

Manufactures custom in-line punch, saw fabrication presses & tools; for plastic extrusions and metal roll form sections.Read more about Eagle Manufacturing Corp.
Eagle Tool and Design Inc

Designers and builders of custom automated machinery and test equipment for industry, defense and medical.Read more about Eagle Tool and Design Inc
Ellicott Engineering, Inc

Customized design and manufacture of heavy machinery. Services include engineering, machining, metal forming, electrical and hydraulic assembly, installation, and project management. Site includes examples of recent contracts.Read more about Ellicott Engineering, Inc
Equipment Building Systems Limited

Design and manufacture special purpose machines for the automotive, consumer, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.Read more about Equipment Building Systems Limited

Machine shop specializing in stainless steel conveyor systems and custom built equipment for the food Industry. Located in Surrey, British Columbia, CanadaRead more about FMA
Fox Prints

Custom industrial and mobile equipment design, manufacturing service.Read more about Fox Prints
Futuramic Tool & Engineering Company

Offers design and build services to variety of manufacturing industries. Focus is on development of custom and automated machinery and fixtures.Read more about Futuramic Tool & Engineering Company
GB Innomech

Designs, builds and commissions special-purpose machinery. Factory automation, test equipment, machinery products developed for others to manufacture and supply.Read more about GB Innomech
G+H-Grinding Ltd.

Manufacturer of surface, profile and cylindrical grinding machines.Read more about G+H-Grinding Ltd.
GW Machine & Tool Design

Custom design and build automated machinery for the automotive exhaust and door / window manufacturing industry.Read more about GW Machine & Tool Design
Hansapac Enterprises

Designers of high speed packing lines, service engineers, problem solving and trouble-shooting.Read more about Hansapac Enterprises
Helman Engineering, Inc.

Composite winder tensioners for filament winding machinesRead more about Helman Engineering, Inc.
Hickory Foundry & Machine Co. Inc

Manufacturer and distributor of specialty equipment for hosiery, textiles, food and medical industriesRead more about Hickory Foundry & Machine Co. Inc
Horizon Instruments Ltd

Manufacture of automated machines used in the late stages of R and D and production facilities within diagnostic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.Read more about Horizon Instruments Ltd
Hunter Lift, Ltd

Customized industrial lifting equipment.Read more about Hunter Lift, Ltd
Independent Machine Co.

Manufacture of computerized traverse winders, spoolers and other converting machinery.Read more about Independent Machine Co.
Innovative Tool & Machine Co., Inc.

Manufacturer of custom machinery.Read more about Innovative Tool & Machine Co., Inc.
Inox Steel Technical

Machinery manufacturer and installer specialising in the dairy and food industry, located in Greece.Read more about Inox Steel Technical
Integrated Robotics LLC

Offers robot based automation for various processes, such as welding, machine tending, deburring and grinding.Read more about Integrated Robotics LLC
International Engineering Solutions Inc.

Designs and manufactures custom automated assembly and test equipment, custom tooling and laser integration.Read more about International Engineering Solutions Inc.
Invensys PLC

UK. Manufactures extensive range of software and information, automated process control, and programmable power monitoring systems. Comprehensive site provides links to division websites for detailed product information.Read more about Invensys PLC
JK Tool Company Inc.

Manufactures automatic production machines used for slotting, threading, and perforating both PVC and HDPE pipe.Read more about JK Tool Company Inc.
Jose Iturrospe S.A.I.C.

Manufactures hydraulic presses, shears and iron workers, based in Argentina.Read more about Jose Iturrospe S.A.I.C.
Kasthuri Machine Builders

India. Business focus is on design and manufacture of special purpose equipment, with some emphasis on machining operations. Site includes gallery of sample end products.Read more about Kasthuri Machine Builders
Kenneth AT Innes

Steel fabrication, net driers, drum filters & water treatment equipment for the fish farming, agricultural & oil industries.Read more about Kenneth AT Innes
KFW Automation

Specializing in high speed paper handling.Read more about KFW Automation
Koops Inc.

Designs, manufactures, rebuilds, and automates special machines and equipment for processing and assembly requirements. Site explains approach, capabilities, and advantages compared with off-the-shelf machinery purchases.Read more about Koops Inc.
Kyeongil Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Korea. Manufactures special purpose machines including caulking, riveting, expanding machines, high-speed lathe lines, auto loaders, auto inspection machines, and jig and fixture machinery.Read more about Kyeongil Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Leader Engineering-Fabrication Inc.

Specializes in design, building and rebuilding of special purpose machinery to meet customer requirements. Expertise include manufacture of die casting, printing, and food processing equipment. Site shows examples.Read more about Leader Engineering-Fabrication Inc.
Lorik Tool Inc.

Canada. Automated manufacturing solutions for the automotive and computer component industry.Read more about Lorik Tool Inc.
LT Machine and Tool

Random box sealer manufacturer and custom built machines for the packaging industry.Read more about LT Machine and Tool
Luker Inc

Offers metal fabrication and in-plant equipment installation, maintenance and upgrading.Read more about Luker Inc
Machine Designers

Engineers and builds custom assembly, process, packaging, and metal cutting, material handling machinery. Also provide CNC retrofits for existing machine tools.Read more about Machine Designers
Machinefabriek Verborg bv

The Netherlands. Specializes in design and building of industrial machinery for customer requirements. Site provides examples of completed projects.Read more about Machinefabriek Verborg bv
Mechanical and Automation Systems

Manufacture of factory automation equipment, energy racks and modules, production test equipment and electronic modules.Read more about Mechanical and Automation Systems
Microcontrol Design Technology, Inc.

Custom machine automation and controls for semiconductor, automotive and packaging industries.Read more about Microcontrol Design Technology, Inc.
Mitchell Machine

Designs and builds special machinery and processing equipmentRead more about Mitchell Machine
MJ Engineering

Designs and manufactures equipment for specific application.Read more about MJ Engineering
Motion Pac International

Canada. Company with wide experience of supplying special purpose industrial machinery and fixtures involving integration of mechanical components, fluid power and control elements, and electrical and electronic systems.Read more about Motion Pac International
Packaging Enterprises Inc.

Manufacturers of filling and packaging machineryRead more about Packaging Enterprises Inc.
Parrish Associates, Inc.

Offers design and manufacture of custom automated machinery, located in Youngsville, North Carolina.Read more about Parrish Associates, Inc.
Parsell Minni-Die Ltd

Hole punching machines for steel and aluminium tubesRead more about Parsell Minni-Die Ltd
Pro Techmation Inc.

Custom designs and builds special purpose machinery and integrated control systems for wide range of manufacturing needs. Applications include assembly, converting, fabricating, and packaging industries.Read more about Pro Techmation Inc.
Process Equipment Company Inc.

Full service engineering company focused on custom design and supply of industrial machinery, automated assembly equipment, and robotic systems. Site incorporates detailed information regarding capabilities.Read more about Process Equipment Company Inc.
Proequipment Technology

Provider of custom designed equipment and engineering services to the vacuum, chemical, polymer, food, pharmaceutical and environmental industries.Read more about Proequipment Technology
Prosco Inc.

Specializes in custom design and manufacture of equipment for producing and processing rubber and polyurethane covered rollers. Capabilities include repairs, upgrades, and modifications of existing equipment.Read more about Prosco Inc.
R & D Machine and Tool, Inc.

Design and build custom machinery, ranging From manual workstation to fully automated, ILVS, networked assembly cells.Read more about R & D Machine and Tool, Inc.
Raloid Tool Company Inc.

Custom design and building of precision machine products for the braking industry.Read more about Raloid Tool Company Inc.
RD Systems

Provides custom automatic high speed assembly machines including systems integration.Read more about RD Systems
Right Mfg. Systems, Inc.

Manufactures large capacity rock tumblers, vibratory and conveying systems; mixers for cement, feed, compost and chemicals.Read more about Right Mfg. Systems, Inc.
Riley Industrial and Marine Sales

Design and manufacture marine and industrial equipment including hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems and deck mounted machinery.Read more about Riley Industrial and Marine Sales
RND Automation

Design, retrofit and manufacture of custom automation, packaging & material handing machinery.Read more about RND Automation
Robert Seckler AG

Offers robotic solutions for wide range of manufacturing processes.Read more about Robert Seckler AG
Rotary Recycling Machinery Ltd.

Designing and fabricating industrial prototype machinery for more efficient processing of recyclable materialsRead more about Rotary Recycling Machinery Ltd.
Rother Machine Inc.

Custom machines designed and built; single machine or entire lines.Read more about Rother Machine Inc.
SAS Engineering and Planning

Italy. Specializes in design and manufacture of special purpose equipment. Emphasis is on application of new technologies to create optimum efficiencies. Site includes several examples of completed projects.Read more about SAS Engineering and Planning
Scott Industry Inc.

Custom metal fabrication and machining specialistsRead more about Scott Industry Inc.
Seiders Manufacturing, Inc.

Offers design and build of custom tools and automation equipment.Read more about Seiders Manufacturing, Inc.
Selbach Machinery L.L.C.

Machinery for needle and wire products for medical instruments, jewelry, and industrial applications. Point grinding, bending, drilling, straightening and cutting machines.Read more about Selbach Machinery L.L.C.
Sermas Industrie

France. Designs, manufactures, and installs bandsaws and entire sawing installations for the cutting of large-sized products in aluminium, magnesium, graphite, copper or other materials.Read more about Sermas Industrie
Smart Machine Technologies Inc.

Specializes in design and manufacture of equipment and components for wide range of industries. Focus is on customized solutions to production problems and requirements.Read more about Smart Machine Technologies Inc.
Solaris Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd.

India based manufacturer of material handling and industrial automation systems.Read more about Solaris Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Sorbini srl

Offers complete turn-key furniture finishing machinery, wood and flooring finishing lines, curtain & roller coating, wood printing machines and drying technologies to improve surface quality. Based in Italy.Read more about Sorbini srl
Spray Systems, Inc.

Custom design and manufacture of powder coating booths.Read more about Spray Systems, Inc.
Synder Machine Co.

Specializing in fluted cup, coffee filter, baking cup and fish forming machinesRead more about Synder Machine Co.
Technical Development Corporation

Custom machine designers and manufacturers. Mainly for winding and unwinding of continuous strand material such as optical fiber, wire, yarn, metglas, and fabricRead more about Technical Development Corporation
Technical Services, Inc.

Builders of custom automated machines, robot integration and related machining services.Read more about Technical Services, Inc.
Tectonics Inc.

Designs and builds special purpose machines to customer requirements. Examples include screw sorting, needle bearing and universal joint assembly, and refrigeration valve inspection.Read more about Tectonics Inc.
Tellima Technology Ltd

Designers, developers and manufacturers of industrial control systems.Read more about Tellima Technology Ltd
Texas Duct Machines

Specializes in flexible wire air duct manufacturing machines and accessories.Read more about Texas Duct Machines
Therm Craft Inc.

Manufactures laboratory and industrial furnaces, high temperature heatersRead more about Therm Craft Inc.
3think Ltd.

Offers custom machinery design and manufacture, including automated production lines.Read more about 3think Ltd.
Tork Winch Inc.

Design and manufacturing of specialty winchesRead more about Tork Winch Inc.
Union Tool Corporation

Manufactures material handling and processing machines for fabricating sheets, panels and boards of wood, metal, glass, plastic, fibre and foam.Read more about Union Tool Corporation
Universal-Automatic Corporation

Specializes in design and manufacture of customized machining equipment, utilizing a variety of modules and tooling. Site explains approach and capabilities and incorporates examples of completed projects.Read more about Universal-Automatic Corporation

Design, development and manufacture of custom machinery for a wide range of industrial applications.Read more about Vaskon
Windjammer Oy

Manufacturers of meat processing machines.Read more about Windjammer Oy
XL Machines, Inc.

Design and build custom machines for secondary manufacturing processesRead more about XL Machines, Inc.
Zibo Development Zone Zhongyuan Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Specializes in auto leaf-spring equipment design and manufacturing, based in China.Read more about Zibo Development Zone Zhongyuan Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd.
Spindle Repair

At the Precision Spindle Repair Center, our skilled craftsmen will provide spindle repairs to suit your needs promptly and professionally, resulting in the same final quality that our new spindles are known for.Read more about Spindle Repair

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